Saturday, 30 November 2013

No7 Beautifully matte primer

Hiya everyone !sorry I have not been blogging that much , I have a exams now but I will try to post every Friday x

Primer is the base to put your foundation on top of, it smooth's out impurities and skin tone, allowing your foundation to glide on and pro long the wear.

Recently I have purchase No7 Beautifully matte primer , let me just say I love this product . I have oily skin on my face especially on my Tzone and my cheeks . 
 Now the No7 Primer! This primer claims to keep shiny skin under control all day long, disguise fine lines and flaws and minimise blemishes. It does do all of these things however ,If you don't rub it in properly into your skin it leaves a white residue and it dry's out extremely quickly so it doesn't ease the application of the foundation very much (which is kind of the point of primer I guess!). As I have  oily skin (this was very helpful!), it did reduce oiliness coming through .  When I applied  my moisturiser it did help too . Overall if you have oily skin like me i would recomend this product .
Chyna xoxo

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