Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ways To Re-Vamp Your Style ( without spending way too much )

Hiya my glamorous friends ,  I think we're all going through that phase where whenever you look on the high-street there's nothing which takes your fancy, you open up your wardrobe and you're stood there like WHAT AM I GOING TO WHERE? or I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR !  Well I'm now after a every long  gradually getting myself out of this nasty clothing cave  and here's how I've done it!
First of all, open up your wardrobe (this is my bedroom  wardrobe) sorry it's a bit messy . Now the  first I would do   is really have a good look at your wardrobe. Figure out what you  hardly wear anymore and try and put outfits together and pair them up in your wardrobe to help generate some inspiration!

Secondly begin to  pick up some fashion magazines (These are my current magazines on my desk) and rip out all the pages that  inspire you. Whether it's a pair of jeans or what a celebrities remember everything is useful!
Lastly begin to do an moodboard or an inspiration board . This can be done using a collage maker , I recommend using Fotor  or you could simply buy an noticeboard and print out the pictures an begin to pin them on the noticeboard .
 Another thing I do when I'm on pinterest
 is I have a folder called 'My style . I have
 all the images which inspire me inside . if you want to check out my inspiration board on pinterest : My Style  I hope it inspires you .

I always go shopping with an idea in my head about what I'd like to add into my wardrobe as it gives you something to aim for. I also find that sometimes It's better to try the things you like on in-store before shopping online and trying to save a few £'s trying to find a cheaper version!

What did you think of this post? Are you ready to re-vamp up your style this Autumn/Winter?
Chyna X

Sunday, 26 October 2014

What i done for my Birthday!

Hello my beautiful friends , happy Sunday ! I hope everyone enjoyed the hour in bed .  last week Sunday I went out with a couple of my friends to Covent Garden to celebrate my birthday  .I had such an amazing time and I want to say thank you for all your birthday messages x

The Birthday cake .

My birthday cake
 I decided to make my own birthday cake which was a strawberry cake . This was the first time I made a strawberry cake and I came out good wow ! If you want a recipe on how to make a strawberry cake comment below or if you are interested in buy a similar cake like this visit my cake page where you can find my details on how you can contact me .  

The Green Witch (I think it’s Elpahaba)

As you walk around Covent Garden you get to see amazing performers and statues. During my visit saw green witch what looked like Elpahaba from wicked the musical. You know me I had to get a picture with her because the Musical addict I am  .

My Birthday Meal
After looking at heaps of restaurants in Covent Garden  I finally decided to go to Wahaca . Which is an Mexican restaurant .The food and atmosphere is absolutely amazing ! There so many traditional Mexican food and deserts and you will to go there again and again to try everything . Trust me when I say this place is amazing ! I had a pork pibil Tacou and some sweet potato on the side .
Pork Pibil Tacou and sweet potato
And my desert   
Churros y chocolate

Know words can describe how incredible the food was .
 See you soon
Chyna X


Friday, 10 October 2014

Banana Phantoms !

Hi friends I hope your having an day so far . Today's spooky recipe is called Banana Phantoms .  I have to admit, this “recipe” is a little more “Semi-Homemade” and its great to the young ones involved trust me they would love it ! Let me just tell you   white chocolate really does compliment the banana .I Really I do love Halloween. Anyway, here’s the post  of how to make the cutest scary banana phantoms  ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prep time         
  • 4 banana's
  • White chocolate baking squares
  • black food colouring gel
  1. Melt the while chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler until smooth.
  2. Cut to your banana's in half
  3. Dip in the white chocolate to coat.
  4. Set on waxed paper-lined plate and refrigerate 20 minutes until firm.
  5. Then using the black gel begin to pipe  little chocolate faces on your Phantoms !
Chyna X
What should I do next week ? also , if you recreate this recipe please tweet me so I can see your Spooky  creations  chynadenton_ .

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Caramel Apples Recipe

Prep time: 10 mins Makes 4


Two packs of Soft Caramels, 
 2 Tbsp of Milk
 4  Small Granny Smith Apples, make sure that the apples are very very cold

popsicle sticks  or Cake pop sticks

1) Place all the caramels and milk in a bowl over a double boiler, let the caramel mixture cook wile constantly keeping an eye on it and stirring it until they are fully melted and you have a smooth mixture.
And you should have something like this .

2) Remove from the heat and set aside for a minute.

3) Make sure your apples have been washed and dried and remove the stem. Insert a popsicle stick half way into each one.

4) Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

5) Dip each apple in the caramel sauce, making sure to really get them well coated and kind of swirl them for a few seconds to get the caramel to set a little before putting them upside down to coat them. Dip them in any chopped nuts or crushed cookies and sit them on the parchment lined baking sheet.

6) Place them in the fridge for a wile until the caramel has set
7) Enjoy !

PS guys check out this one I done !  Creepy looking or what .
Chyna X
What should I do next week ? also , if you recreate this recipe please tweet me so I can see your Spooky  creations  chynadenton_ .

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Halloween Candy Corn Cup Treats!

Hiya Guys Happy October ! I've decided to do something very  SPOOKY  on my blog which is going to be called Blogoween  . Throughout the whole of October I will be doing Halloween treats , DIY'S and makeup up look because I love just love Halloween !
Candy corn has always been  one of my favourite Halloween candy, but until I came across this recipe for candy corn cream cups, However I couldn't find any candy corn sweets in my area , so I used orange sprinkles instead . Here the recipe guys ! Hope you like it .


Yellow Layer
Yellow food colouring gel  (optional )
Orange Layer
 orange food colouring gel
White Layer
 can of cream
Coordinating sprinkles
1 candy corn for each cup

Yellow Layer
 Add the custard in a bowl and if you want you may add some gel food colouring and make the custard more yellow if you want .
Orange Layer
 Add the custard in a separate bowl next add some orange gel food colouring to the custard and then mix until its all combined then ,  place 2-3 tablespoons on top of the yellow layer.
you should have something like this .

White Layer
 Now it time add your whipped cream and then Sprinkle with desired toppings.
Enjoy x
What should I do next ? also , if you recreate this recipe please tweet me so I can see your fabulous  Halloween creations chynadenton_ .


Chyna X

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