Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Christmas Gift Guide (Under £10)


Hello my glamous friends ! As Christmas is fast approaching I thought it was the best time to start gift guides for you .  I thought this gift guide like this would be handy for all of you with lots of girl friends, sisters, cousins etc to buy for but you wont burn a hole in your pocket !
Hello my glamous friends ! As Christmas is fast approaching I thought it was the best time to start gift guides for you .  I thought this gift guide like this would be handy for all of you with lots of girl friends, sisters, cousins etc. to buy for PS it wont burn a hole in your pocket !
The one thing I think which always makes a good Christmas Gift is a  hot water bottle or a hand warmer to keep you warm and toastie in the cold! This one from New look  is absolutely adorable! When I was in New look on Friday  I noticed this beautiful phone case I was tempted to pick it up and who doesn't love a bit of bling on their phone ? Another thing I love is  Statement Necklace this perfect item for the festive season and its £10  !

Possibly one of the best things around Christmas time is Superdrug because they do amazing gift sets and  I seem to acquire at least 2 every year and so tempted to purchase this eye shadow pallet and this would give me chance to experiment with different make up looks they also, have the Zoella range which is amazing  Zoella Beauty Bag .  
What's your favourite item on my Christmas gift guide? Have you started your Christmas shopping

Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Big Announcement

Happy Thanksgiving my glamous friends  , Now today I have amazing news  that will explain why I haven't been blogging as much  . Many of my close friends and family have been telling me to this for SUPER long time  so I have finally plucked up the courage to do it . The big announcement is.... I have my own cake website ! So now let me tell you a bit about the website , on the website you will be able to view all the cakes I have made and have a more in depth deception of each cake also , you get to know more about CakesbyChyna . So what are you wanting for ? Have a look or even be the first to make a order on Cakesbychyna  

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blogging On The Go ( The Tips & Tricks)

Credit - Tumblr

 Okay the one thing I have learnt with blogging is that you have to learn to blog on the go to make the most of your time. With scheduling tweets, posts and even Facebook updates it's possible to blog on the go more than ever before! Also you enjoy it more because you get to explore your area or anywhere for that matter .  So I thought today I'd share some of my tips and tricks with you all. 

 1) When you're inspired save the photos on your phone/camera and save 0in a folder - Now we are not going to feel inspired all the time and I can tell you I don't feel inspired all the time . I like to keep a folder of inspiring images and quotes on my phone or my laptop .
(If you don't already you can follow me on Twitter here and on Instagram here)

2) Learn how to schedule tweets - Now I know there's going to be days when your super busy and you have no time to blog but, here's what you can do schedule tweets to go up while you're out doing other things! I tend to schedule a post update, a couple of links and other things  a date and time via that and you can schedule your post!

4) If there is Somthing inspires you take a photo! - If there is One thing I've really got into doing lately is taking photos of things I like/inspire me on the go. That could be cakes or fashion I love finding items I love in shops or bakery shops cake displays or a  photos of a nice view! With social media you feel the urge to post that image straight away on Instagram/Facebook but what's good is you can easily save this content for another day!

5) Bring a camera with you everywhere! -  This is something I'm just getting  into and that bringing a camera with me where ever I go. You never know when something's going to inspire you, wherever you go .You may find a cool backdrop for blog photos, or where you'll find content for a good post!

I hope these tips have helped you! I'd love to hear your blogging on the go tips do you have any which work well for you?

Sunday, 9 November 2014

How To Find Your Style

Hiya my glamous friends I hope you all enjoying the weekend so far also today is remembrance Sunday and did you know its the 25 year anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall .

Today were  going to be talking about how to define your style , when I do these types of post I do heaps of research on how to define your style . I really wanted to give you really nice out of the book answers so by the end of this post you will be able to tell anyone what you style is Due to that I took me forever to do this post because I don't want to put you in a box for example , you find out your a chic and then you stick the chic category no I don't want you to do that . There is so much facets to a person and a personality that just put inside a box just didn't make any sense .

I think a personal style could be a photo collage where you pin and place things and recreate and combined them to create something amazing to the visual style as opposed to putting your self in a restricting  box and saying "this is my personal style and this all I can do ". Absolutely not  with your personal style you should be able to wear whatever you want However , I needs to make you happy and express the person you really are . 
Find Inspiration
I personally get inspired all the time and not only do you have to find inspiration you have to always have to keep on finding inspiration . Right now I get inspired by personal style fashion blogs and I find inspiration in everyday people . So basically you can find inspiration anywhere all you have to do is have an open eye for it .
Keeping A Style Diary .
I would suggest anyone or recommend anyone to open a fashion blog . Some of you maybe thinking "No I don't want put my face online ". But , you don't have to necessarily do that. The beauty of a fashion blog is you can document style and see how it has progress throughout the years and how you have changed . You don't have to do it via a fashion blog you do via instagram and then just post a outfit of day photo everyday also that's really be really fun for you Also if you just no keen on have on any of the two point I've mentioned you can start a  pinterest board . I have one My Pinterest   and I've called it My Style and I just pin outfits which inspirational to me . Then later on will try to incorporate the pictures I've pined into my style .
Don't put yourself in a box .
Prior to this post I don't three style quizzes and two told me I was chic and one told me I was Avant-garde . So don't late someone else's style define you and don't do something because someone does . Do something that fits you and your style .
Ask Yourself Questions .
A lot of the online sources ask what you age is or what your lifestyle is I think that's good but , I think you should dress how ever you want no matter what you age is . for example if you are 65 and you want to wear neon leggings you should be able to wear that I don't think your age should define what you should wear . So a great question to ask yourself would be . If you where a pair of shoes what shoes would you be ?
I personally would be this shoe right there because it's fun , famine and  simple yet elegant . So that's it a how easy was that . Now try this if your where a necklace what would you be ? Asking your self these question will help you define you and your style .
 Don't criticize yourself
Remember there's always going to be people who are going to criticize or disapprove how you wear an outfit. One thing I can tell you is that fashion and pleasing people does not go together and it will never go together .  
So eventually if you do all of these things your style is going to naturally progress into something that you will love and adore . I think fashion play a very crucial role in a women life because, if you dress well you will feel comfortable and then you will feel confident . More all you will exude in confidence and once you enter in a room you will feel that the spotlight is on you . So when we as women are able to dress well according to personal style , we can run the world .  I Hope you enjoyed this post Also I've got another question for you . How would you define your Style ?
I know we didn't talk about talk about the style types for example , bohemian or rocker . I just want to leave it up to you to answer those questions . So defiantly would love see what you are .
 Chyna X 


Saturday, 8 November 2014

How To Find A Fashion Sense

Hi guys , today I will be talking about how you can develop  or maybe find your fashion sense . So I'm casually going to share a few tips with you guys and hope they help you but , before we jump into it grab yourself a nice hot beverage or a cold beverage and I hope you enjoy my post .
Listen to you .
I think this is the most important thing ever and that is to stop caring about what other people have to say . Unless its something positive about what your wearing . If you feel good and confident about what your wearing it doesn't matter what I think or anyone one else for that matter . Now we just live in a world where there's so much restrictions on what to wear and we don't let are self's be US .  
Don't take yourself too seriously .
when I first started to get into fashion , trust me when I say I was all a hot mess before I only wore the colour blue . Now don't get me wrong blue is an lovely colour but wearing that everyday what was I thinking ! The point is I never took myself too seriously I just done what I felt was natural to me  . Like if tomorrow I want to dress up as a unicorn and go to topshop why can't I do that .
Dress according to what you are feeling .
Guys remember to stay in touch with how you feel in the inside . It could be whatever your going though or whatever your in life and dress according to that . Going back to my last point about me wearing blue everyday I may now look back at it and say "Oh my god Chyna what on earth are you wearing ?" That outfit may seem ridiculous to me now but , that's  how I was feeling that day .
Don't follow the rules .
I seen so many thing like oh you can't mix black and brown or you can't mix polka dot with lines  . Listen guys you can wear whatever you want because , you decided to wear it that's a reason alone why you can .
Your fashion sense is a reflection of you .
The easiest way to do this is to open your wardrobe , if you don't have a lot of clothes this would be a bit more harder . Just pick out something out for example , today I'm in the mood to be a rocker women and just wear you leather jacket  . Every time you open your wardrobe just say that .Today I'm in the mood for ....  Remember whatever you feel let that just translate into what you are wearing .
What are you going to wear today? And how will you let that translate into what you are wearing ?
Chyna X

Thursday, 6 November 2014

4 Ways To Stay Positive

Life's been a real whirlwind for me these couple of months . This summer I got my results and I needed one more GCSE to go on to further education . For a couple of days I felt so stupid and I was unsure about what I should do next however, blogging just makes me feel happier and takes my mind of things. I'm writing this post on  the bus on my way to college  (with not so good internet connection ) I've realised that this is the  happiest I've been in a long time!
I'm currently just starting the 1st year of a Catering and Hospitality course which I'm thoroughly  enjoying so far, but it's still early days yet! I've met and made so many new friends as well .
I'm writing this post to hopefully inspire some of you that despite how hard  things may be but , trust me  it will get better . I promise x  Here's a few tips I've learnt so far ...
Make a back up plan
After knowing what got I didn't know what to do . I was looking course after course and not having a clue what to do . it's really hard to motivate yourself with making a plan of what to do next but as soon as you have a Stick to it . and DON'T GIVE UP until you've done it .  
Be grateful for what you do have 
Do you have amazing friends? partner? family? flatmates/ housemates ? If  you're not  feeling so  good about your life these are the people you go to. They would ALWAYS make time for YOU.  When times get rough they would be there for you also they love you for YOU !  Try it  Make a list of five things you're grateful for in you're life  here's mine: Family, Health and  Friends
Read Positive Quotes, Books, Focus on Positivity
Now  I'm trying to do more of is reading but , I'm trying out different genre of books which is ,   motivating books and books about positivity.  Or you can read positive blogs and articles on online sites. These sorts of things can really uplift your mood and help keep you positive through-out the day.
Positive People
Do you really want to hang out with negative friend ? or Do you have a relationship with a friend who make you happy , laugh and makes you feel good about your self ? If needs be or if this has gone on for a long time it's time to cut out them negative people in your life. Being around positive people all the time will make you feel better and happier!
Have you got any steps on staying positive?
Chyna X
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