Friday, 6 January 2017

Not Feeling Good enough To Be A Food Blogger

Hello my glamorous friends , I hope you are all having wonderful new year so far ! Last year April I turned vegan and I decided showcase what I make / what I eat in a day on my instagram However, now I feel like I've hit a brick wall as I don’t really enjoy posting food related content like before .

So this year I’m still in the same position that I was in a last year . and I have decided to make do with the resources I have. and feel not pressured to get  the latest camera / equipment  for bloggers . I would like to get the latest camera / equipment  I feel comfortable and when I'm ready  ; I use my iphone6s to take all of my photos .

 Due to the ratio of people joining food blogger / photographer community it's very easy to compare yourself to people .but , I think most readers will read the blog for you also. if your  personality and opinions shine throughout your blog .  

 I used to love ( still do a tiny bit ) posting photos on Instagram of what I eat in a day . Personally I think my photos aren’t yet the best quality but at least you’ll know that every time you see a food related post on this blog you'll know that's I'll be making over and over again and you'll will know that I’ve made the best effort I can to try and create good content.

Do you feel the pressured ?

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